Why Obama’s approval rating is up

Why Obama’s approval rating is up

The U.S. Economy is Finally Improving

In 1980, in another time of deep economic troubles, incumbent Democrat Jimmy Carter tried to soothe Americans’ angst by saying it was a “recession,” not a “depression.” He was right, but this gave his Republican challenger an opening….

Barack Obama won re-election in 2012, despite presiding over the Great Recession. And even that ominous-sounding phrase doesn’t fully explain how stagnant things have been. Ronald Reagan’s wit aside, economists define a recession as declining productivity for two successive quarters. But if one looks at the statistic that hits Americans where they live—workforce participation—the entire Obama presidency has been a period of high unemployment, record under-employment, and millions of discouraged people who just stopped looking for a job….

“He Kept us Out of War”

That phrase was not used at the Democrats’ national convention in Charlotte in 2012—that happened at the Democrats’ 1916 convention that re-nominated Woodrow Wilson—but the sentiment is apt. Along with an awful economy, Obama was bequeathed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He wrapped up most U.S. military operations in Iraq and is in the process of doing the same in Afghanistan….

Race Relations

It’s an article of faith, repeated ad nauseam in certain liberal circles, that a sizeable segment of the U.S. electorate wants Obama to fail in office because of his skin color. This is an ugly argument, with little supporting evidence, employed cynically both as a campaign wedge issue and as a way of inoculating the president from criticism—as if any U.S. president has ever been so shielded….

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