NYC’s transit authority, $34B in debt, spends $77M on anti-‘manspreading’ campaign

NYC’s transit authority, $34B in debt, spends $77M on anti-‘manspreading’ campaign

The advertising campaign in New York telling men to stop “manspreading” has cost the city’s taxpayers more than $76,000.

“Dude…Stop the Spread, Please” was the biggest takeaway from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) new campaign announced last month, instructing riders on proper subway etiquette. “Manspreading” is when a man keeps his legs apart while sitting.

Invoices obtained by the Washington Free Beacon from the MTA through a Freedom of Information Law request reveal that the campaign has cost $76,707.70.

The MTA hired Edison Lithograph and Printing Corp. to print thousands of posters and placards, which will appear in 2,600 subway cars. The company produces all of MTA’s advertising and brochures.

The MTA is $34.4 billion in debt.

While online commenters complain that manspreading is “ridiculous male privilege,” defenders of the practice argue, “I need to sit that way because of my balls.” Others decry that “women put their handbags on seats all the time.”

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