Buck up, New York: Cuomo’s planning a trade mission to Cuba

Buck up, New York: Cuomo’s planning a trade mission to Cuba

[Ed. – You’re saved!  Well, at least you can get those cigars now.  I guess.  Who knows anymore, but somebody’s a racist, dammit, and Cuomo’s trying to fix that.]

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to announce in his state-of-the- state address on Wednesday that he will lead a trade mission to Cuba in the coming months, according to a person familiar with his plans.

The trip by the second-term Democratic governor would be among the first by a high-profile U.S. politician since the Obama administration loosened travel and trade rules for the country.

Mr. Cuomo had planned a series of five trade missions for his second term. In the past week, as the Obama administration released rules stating a broad spectrum of travelers could visit Cuba without having to apply for a travel license to the country, the governor added Cuba as the first expected trip on his itinerary, this person said. …

It wasn’t clear whether Mr. Cuomo’s office had consulted with the White House or federal authorities on its plans. …

Mr. Cuomo’s planned trip could lead to further criticism from some politicians and members of the Cuban community in Florida and elsewhere who argue the Obama administration’s new rules will enrich the Cuban government.

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