Better BS, better hypocrisy, Papa John’s stance on guns

Better BS, better hypocrisy, Papa John’s stance on guns

On Sunday January 11th a pizza delivery girl was attacked at gunpoint by two thugs looking to rob her and who knows what else.  Thankfully, since this took place in Decatur Georgia and not New York or Washington DC, things turned out a little differently than the attackers would have thought as the girl pulled out her own gun and shot one of them, 24 yo Donquaz Stevenson, in the face after she was knocked to the ground.

For this act of self defense the woman faced termination of a different sort as her exercising her right not to be raped and murdered by thugs goes against Papa John’s corporate policy.  Word came out yesterday though, no doubt in large part to the public outcry, that Papa John’s will NOT be firing the employee.

When I first heard about that I felt like going out and buying a Papa John’s Pizza to support them in making the right decision.  Then I looked into it and realized what they REALLY did.

All Papa John’s did was weigh the cost of the public outcry and symbolically caved.  If this story wasn’t picked up by the national press I don’t believe that this woman would still be employed.

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