Taxpayers shell out to teach docs to talk to fat kids

Taxpayers shell out to teach docs to talk to fat kids

[Ed. – Dyer’s Theorem: There is no permutation of human interaction for which the U.S. taxpayer will not at some point subsidize research, therapy, or commercial application.]

A new project from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is using computer simulated training sessions to teach doctors in Minnesota how to talk to fat kids.

The nearly $500,000 study using “virtual role play” to coach doctors is the latest attempt by the federal government to combat obesity.

“Obesity in the United States is at historically high levels and is an important health problem,” the grant for the project states. …

“Health professionals in primary care settings are influential in the lives of families,” it continued. “Even brief advice delivered well can have a meaningful impact, and yet, health care providers indicate that lack of efficacy and skill, impact, patient motivation, and educational materials keep them from routinely addressing obesity prevention and treatment in their practices.”

The grant was awarded to SiMmersion, LLC, a communications training company that simulates conversations with virtual actors. …

SiMmersion has partnered with numerous government agencies and universities on a wide range of subjects.

The company has received $11,860,936 from the federal government since 2004…

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