Sexual revolution to overwrite the American Revolution?

Sexual revolution to overwrite the American Revolution?

Should the Supreme Court decide it has the authority to essentially play god, and redefine an institution such as marriage which predates it by at least 5,000 years, they will be saying erotic liberty trumps religious liberty. In other words, the sexual revolution takes precedence over the American Revolution.

See, this argument has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not two people of the same gender who care about each other can live together like heterosexuals can. There is no one in prison today, or faced with it, because they violated their state’s amendment defining marriage as a man and a woman.

This argument is about “you will be made to care.” And if you don’t want to care, using the coercive power of government to force you to. Even if it means forcing you to validate what your conscience and/or religion teaches is immoral. …

Like the black fire chief of Atlanta… In my home state of Iowa, an award-winning newspaper editor lost his job for being a Christian, too. Simply because he disagreed with the so-called “Queen James Bible” which revises the Scriptures to accept homosexuality on his personal blog.

I thought it wasn’t supposed to be a Christian’s business what somebody did on their private time with a consenting adult? Funny, though, it seems as if it is the Left’s business what Christians do with their private time.

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