Obama to end freedom of Internet (impose ‘net neutrality’) using executive power

Obama to end freedom of Internet (impose ‘net neutrality’) using executive power

[Ed. – If you think “net neutrality” is a good idea, you don’t know what you’re talking about.  The concept of “net neutrality” will make it as hard for you to put content on the Internet, or pick and choose which content you want, as it would be for you to become a TV programmer on cable TV.  Making the entry price of Internet content too high for anyone but big media companies will be the ultimate effect of “net neutrality.”  It will kill off small bloggers and independent content sites, especially those that provide data-intensive videos and games.  Don’t fall for it.]

The White House on Thursday said legislation was not necessary to settle so-called “net neutrality” rules because the Federal Communications Commission had the authority to write them.

Republicans in Congress are trying to drum up support for a bill that would counter the FCC’s upcoming new rules. The Obama administration’s comments, while not entirely rebuffing the legislative effort, could make some Democrats wary of joining it.

“In terms of legislation, we don’t believe it’s necessary given that the FCC has the authorities that it needs under Title II,” a White House official told Reuters. “However, we always remain open to working with anyone who shares the president’s goal of fully preserving a free and open internet now and into the future.”

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