FINALLY. Obama to dish with ‘YouTube personalities’ in his crib, post-SOTU

FINALLY. Obama to dish with ‘YouTube personalities’ in his crib, post-SOTU

[Ed. – Stunned this took so long, but WTF is a “YouTube personality”?  I mean, I totally get what a “professional nerd” is.  But a “YouTube personality”?]

Two days after his State Of The Union address next week, President Obama will turn part of the White House over to a teenage makeup expert, a comedian whose husband is an Army veteran, and a professional nerd.

Three popular YouTube personalities — Bethany Mota, GloZell, and Hank Green — will sit down with Obama on individual sets Google will build at the White House for three separate interviews featuring questions gleaned from social media across the country. The White House has turned to Google to help Obama plug into the internet after his annual policy address since 2010, but this year’s event will be the most elaborate. Past interactions have included Obama sitting down for half-hour interviews with Google staff or in Google+ hangouts with users from across the country. …

A Google official said the administration is able to see potential questions posted to open social media portals, but has no say in which questions are selected and will not vet the questions asked by the hosts.

The run-up to the 2015 State Of The Union has been unorthodox. Rather than take a whistle-stop tour across the country after the address, Obama has already been on the road for weeks, laying out a policy agenda in what the White House has called “State Of The Union spoilers.”

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