Two victims, no crime

Two victims, no crime

Corey Mock is not a rapist, but he is also no longer a wrestler at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, because he was accused of rape by a fellow UTC student named Molly Morris.

Morris’s version of the story is told at Vice Sports and includes the claim that someone at a party spiked her drink. Why? Because she vomited and had trouble remembering events later. However, according to Corey Mock’s father, a toxicology test showed no evidence that she had been drugged. What is acknowledged by all is that Mock had sex with Morris after she vomited. This was a bad idea.

There were a lot of bad ideas that night. It was the wee hours of the morning. Morris didn’t arrive at the party until 2 a.m., and she had two drinks before she got sick. It must have been near dawn — 4 a.m.? 5 a.m.? — before the sexual activity occurred. Corey Mock’s father says:

My son asked Molly Morris if she wanted to go into the bedroom; she said “yes”. They both lay in the bed and began kissing. He removed her pants and performed oral sex. At some point, he stopped to remove his clothes and she removed her bra. He climbed on top of her and after having some trouble entering her, she reached down and guided him inside her. At NO TIME during this encounter did Ms. Morris communicate in any way that she did not wish to engage in sexual activity, verbal or otherwise. She does not dispute that any of these details happened, she merely says she does “not remember.”

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