Bratton accuses ‘crazy’ NY Times of trying to start a ‘war’ between de Blasio and NYPD

Bratton accuses ‘crazy’ NY Times of trying to start a ‘war’ between de Blasio and NYPD

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton sat down for an interview with Charlie Rose set to air on PBS tonight and in this preview clip New York’s top cop has responded directly to ongoing criticism fromThe New York Times’ editorial page, which has suggested Mayor Bill de Blasio may need to fire him.

Rose quoted from a January 6 editorial, in which the paper wrote of the NYPD’s controversial slowdown, “If the Police Department’s current commanders cannot get the cops to do their jobs, Mr. de Blasio should consider replacing them.”

“That editorial is crazy,” Bratton told Rose. “What do they want to do, go to war with the cops? What they’re advocating is basically, go to war with the cops, what’s that going to solve?”

Noting that work levels for NYPD officers have since returned to normal, Bratton added, “We have not had to use the approach that The New York Times would encourage. The last thing you need is trying to instigate a widening of the gap. I’m trying to work to close the gap. So that type of language is very inappropriate in this discussion.”

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