Great news: U.S. paying salaries for Afghan cops who don’t actually exist

Great news: U.S. paying salaries for Afghan cops who don’t actually exist

[Ed. – It’s a small price to pay for some free time.  Right?  I mean, you can’t ride herd on every little penny.]

The United States continues to pay more than $300 million annually to the Afghan National Police (ANP), and some of that money is going to officers who do not actually exist, according to government officials who warn that fraud and a lack of oversight are causing U.S. taxpayer dollars to be wasted on the force.

The United States continues to pay the salaries of ANP officers despite a lack of supervision over the funds and the fact that fraud is rampant among the force, according to a new report by the Special Investigator General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). …

The ongoing payments have led SIGAR to warn that “despite 13 years and several billions of dollars in salary assistance to the Afghan government for the ANP, there is still no assurance that personnel and payroll data are accurate,” according to its audit.

U.S. officials have confirmed to SIGAR that despite evidence of fraud and mismanagement “they accepted, without question,” all personnel totals offered by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior (MOI), which is not subject to independent oversight by the United States.

Over the years, officials have discovered inflated police rosters listing more officers for payments than actually work for the force, payments being made to “more police personnel than are authorized,” and some officers receiving inflated salaries, according to SIGAR.

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