So 2,000 black lives in Nigeria DON’T matter?

So 2,000 black lives in Nigeria DON’T matter?

President Obama and Eric Holder have spent an inordinate amount of their energy on Ferguson, Missouri – in a fruitless effort to convince the world that the United States is racist. Because Black Lives Matter, I’m told – by Rodney Lee Conover

My question to you is: Do you think the over 2,000 people in Nigeria who were brutally chopped up, shot or burned alive earlier this month would rather have been in Philadelphia? …

Yes, there are terrible things going on in the world, but what is more horrific than Boko Haram going into the town of Kano, Nigeria and slaughtering everyone in sight? …

Do I have to say it? Black lives don’t matter if they’re raped and murdered by other blacks.

There – ya happy? Tell me I’m wrong – I’m waiting.

Show me where the President is sending an elite force of kick-ass to wipe out Boko Haram. Let me know when Sharpton’s press conference is and by all means, when they make Eric Holder’s schedule change to heading down to the Mother Country – lemme know.

You’ll be lucky to even hear about this outside of this article. Black lives don’t matter to this media or this President, unless it’s at the hands of whitey. Preferably Republican whitey. Ohhhhh, and if it could only be Tea Party whitey – there’s the perfect storm.

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