More Oregon lunacy: FBI investigating Oregon ‘First Lady’ Cylvia Hayes

More Oregon lunacy: FBI investigating Oregon ‘First Lady’ Cylvia Hayes

In mid-term election 2014, Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber won re-election, defeating a very good man, Dennis Richardson.

Dennis is a decorated, veteran helicopter pilot who served in Chu Lai, Viet Nam, without a hint of scandal in his history. Richardson has done great things in the Oregon legislature, and all of his 9 children have lived honorable lives as well.

And yet Oregon re-elected a man who has devastated the state economy, who pushed forward an epically horrible and failed healthcare plan, and who calls his live-in the First Lady of Oregon.

The travesty was, Kitz was weighed down by the über scandals of Cover Oregon’s multi-million dollar fraud and failure and his fiancée’s felonious past, and possibly current, actions.

In 1997 Ms. Hayes married an illegal, an 18 year old Ethiopian in need of a green card, in exchange for $5,000. That same year Hayes and a live-in boyfriend purchased land in Washington for the purpose of growing Marijuana — this prior to any legalization of pot.

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