Does the Obama administration have a strategy to fight Islamic terrorism?

Does the Obama administration have a strategy to fight Islamic terrorism?

As the terror attacks in Paris continue to unfold, many are asking how the United States has prepared to prevent similar attacks from happening on American soil. Does the Obama administration have a clear strategy about how to fight the war on Islamic terror? The answer seems to be no.

“We have no strategy,” General Jack Keane said during an interview on Fox News Friday morning. “They have not defined the enemy in terms of radical Islam.”


As I pointed out in an earlier post today, one of the brothers who carried out the Islamic terror attack on Charlie Hebdo earlier this week, received training from Al Qaeda in Yemen. Just four short months ago, President Obama was touting Yemen as a success and a model of how the United States will “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  Not to mention, high ranking military officials have been saying for nearly a year that the administration’s strategy against ISIS isn’t working. Further, it was just one presidential election ago that Obama was claiming Al Qaeda is “on the run” and has been “decimated.”


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