This was an ISLAMIC attack, dammit

This was an ISLAMIC attack, dammit

We have allowed the enemy into our home and refuse to acknowledge it. Our own president, Barack Hussein Obama has said “the future shall not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam” and “let me be clear, ISIS is not Islamic.”

So once again, we are forced to acquiesce to a vile theocratic-political totalitarian ideology that does not conform to the concept of “coexistence.” …

The real question is, what shall we do in response?

1. First of all we need to acknowledge this Islamist enemy — our own White House referred to this attack as “violence.” Only after French President Hollande stated it was a terrorist attack, did the White House refer to it as the same. …


Again, we bow down before the false god of multiculturalism, which has now become a cancerous premise and has enabled values which conflict with the basics of freedom to be made superior. We are accepting subjugation and subservience.

Yes, Western civilization is superior, and there’s nothing for which we should be ashamed. …

3. We must begin to reconsider who is allowed into our countries. We don’t have to roll out the welcome mat to everyone — especially those from areas which are breeding grounds for Islamic terrorist activity.

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