My fearless political predictions for 2015

My fearless political predictions for 2015

Since Christmas and New Year’s Day both fell on a Thursday, wiping out my weekly columns in the name of holiday cheer, this is my first opportunity to rate the success of my 2014 predictions and offer new ones for 2015.

I got 13 political prognostications right for 2014. On Election Day, President Obama ’s disapproval was 54%, higher than his 53% at the start of the year. The GOP kept the House (but picked up 14 seats, not six as I suggested) and took the Senate (but with 54, not 51 as I feared).

Every Republican senator and virtually every congressman challenged as insufficiently conservative won their primaries. Democrats outspent Republicans in the midterms, roughly $1.87 billion to $1.84 billion.

Also correct: Republicans added statewide offices and state legislative seats and elected a more diverse group of candidates. Syria remains a moral stain on the administration, and Afghanistan wants an agreement to keep U.S. troops. Mr. Obama ramped up executive actions, big-time, with some successfully challenged in court. Republicans are debating how to unwind ObamaCare, which is costing more and covering fewer people than estimated.

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