Officers flying home from NYPD funeral stop mid-air suicide attempt

Officers flying home from NYPD funeral stop mid-air suicide attempt

Three law enforcement officers who were flying back to Utah after attending the funeral of a New York police officer came to the rescue of a fellow passenger who was allegedly trying to kill herself.

Salt Lake City detectives Robert Odor and Cody Stromberg and Salt Lake County Sgt. Terry Wall were on a JetBlue flight from New York back to Utah on Monday following the Sunday funeral for Wenjian Liu, one of two police officers killed in Brooklyn last month.

The officers were flying for free since the airline offered to pay for law enforcement officers from across the country to attend funerals for Liu and his partner Rafael Ramos. Odor said at a press conference Monday night that a flight attendant announced that the officers were on board “and she said ‘you will never have a safer flight,’ and so I guess that’s one way to curse a flight, is to tell everybody how safe it’s going to be.”

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