Newspapers in Turkey justify attack on Charlie Hebdo

Newspapers in Turkey justify attack on Charlie Hebdo

[Ed. – The outlet Turkiye is particularly troubling given its connections to the Erdogan government.  How long can Turkey remain a NATO ally?]

A few hours after gunmen raged through the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo shouting, “Allahu Akbar!” the Islamist Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit ran the headline “Attack on the Magazine That Provoked Muslims.” Numerous readers’ comments appeared on the newspaper’s Facebook page, hailing the massacre as “revenge” for the magazine’s decision to publish cartoons criticizing the Prophet Muhammad.

“I hope that they continue to kill the infidels,” wrote Mehmet Karakaya, while another reader, Durun Ali, wrote, “Thank you to those who did it.” The newspaper later changed the title to “The Great Provocation in Paris.” …

Türkiye, a newspaper close to the Turkish government, chose the headline “Attack on the Magazine That Insulted Our Prophet.” After a wave of reactions that accused the paper of “justifying a terrorist attack,” the newspaper modified the title slightly to “Attack on the Magazine That Published Ugly Cartoons of Our Prophet.” …

In Turkey, Minister of Tourism and Culture Omer Celik, denounced what he called “an attack against humanity.” Celik said that he rejected “any confusion between Islam and this cowardly attack.”

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