McConnell to ‘decentralize power’ in Senate, ‘get committees working again’

McConnell to ‘decentralize power’ in Senate, ‘get committees working again’

[Ed. – Well, I know that was at the top of my priority list.]

He pledged to decentralize power in the Senate, which had become concentrated in Reid’s office during the past eight years of Democratic rule.

“It’s time to change the business model,” McConnell said in his first lengthy speech on the floor as majority leader. “We need to return to regular order. We need to get committees working again. We need to recommit to a rational, functional appropriations process.”

He promised to “open up the legislative process” to allow senators on both sides of the aisle more opportunity to offer and vote on amendments.

That approach will mean working long weeks and later hours, he warned. …

McConnell said the nation has lost faith in government and no longer trusts Washington.

Looking overseas, he said, Americans are worried about instability in the Middle East and the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq in Syria.

He said voters sent a clear message to President Obama, whose party suffered devastating losses in the midterm elections: It’s time to change course and “move to the middle.”

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