Blind man may be losing home in Detroit

Blind man may be losing home in Detroit

A blind man was determined to live on his own. So, he purchased a home on the city’s west side.

But, paying it off didn’t buy him the security he wanted because he’s now learned someone else owns his home.

In 2011, Bruce Smith says he inked a deal to purchase a home on land contract. It was just big enough for the sound engineer’s equipment, his seeing eye dog Marly and himself. Living on a fixed income, he still managed to pay it off. He got the deed last year and thought things were good until he got a knock on his door.

“A couple of weeks ago, two men came to my door and told me I don’t own it anymore,” said Smith.

Turns out, the taxes haven’t been paid on the home for several years. Smith says he didn’t know. Looking back, Smith believes notices came to the house, but since they were in the previous owner’s name, he didn’t want to violate federal law by opening someone else’s mail, so he returned them to sender.  When the taxes weren’t paid, the house went into foreclosure and was eventually sold last October in the Wayne County Auction.

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