Three things I learned on my Christmas vacation

Three things I learned on my Christmas vacation

It turns out you can learn a lot while ensconced in your couch-potato spider hole during your Christmas vacation.

1. I learned why people move to states with little to no state income tax.

The big sports story while I was “carbing up” was Jim Harbaugh bolting the power and glory of the NFL to coach college football at his alma mater, the University of Michigan. At first, the ESPN sports intelligentsia said it was all about the money, with anonymous reports the Wolverines were going to make him the highest paid coach in the history of pigskin. Except when the final numbers were revealed, it turns out Mr. Harbaugh’s base salary will be almost exactly what he made with the San Francisco 49ers in the pros.

Except it’s not, if you factor in one often overlooked thing….

2. VH1 is a bunch of bigots.

One day I was flipping channels during commercial breaks of college football coverage, and I came across something on VH1 called “Naked Dating” (which my wife tells me has been on the air for quite some time apparently).

The premise of this show (on basic cable no less) is they take random single people looking for love from various walks of life, put them on a tropical island naked to remove any pretense for a weekend, and see if any love connections are made. The nudity is blurred out, but it’s clear what the producers are hoping for. I only watched one episode for five minutes, and had to turn the channel. Not because I was offended at the salaciousness, mind you, but the intolerance.

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