Voters jam Capitol phone lines calling for Boehner’s ouster

Voters jam Capitol phone lines calling for Boehner’s ouster

By mid-Monday, at least 10 defectors said they will vote against Boehner for speaker. A new poll was releasedshowing overwhelming opposition to GOP leaders funding President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty. And the House switchboard was jammed by Republicans who are urging their members to vote against Boehner.

The Daily Caller was on hold for 25 minutes, but the switchboard operator did not answer the phone.

Boehner needs to win 218 votes in the Tuesday ballot, which is scheduled for midday.

If Boehner does not win 218 votes from the 246-member GOP caucus, his critics hope it will attract new Republican candidates for his job. …

Boehner’s allies are downplaying the crisis. …

The amnesty issue is driving the pushback against Boehner, said Rachel Semmel, a spokeswoman for Conservative Review, which opposes Boehner. …

A new poll released Monday by veteran pollster Pat Caddell reported that more than 80 percent of GOP voters and supporters “broadly and intensely oppose Obama’s recent executive order.”

“Republican voters by an astonishing 10 to one margin say they are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who voted to allow taxpayer money to be used to implement the President’s… order,” according to a summary of the poll results.

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