UK: Parliament to vote on mitochondrial donation for ‘3-parent babies’

UK: Parliament to vote on mitochondrial donation for ‘3-parent babies’

[Ed. – I have a bad feeling about this.]

Although no timetable for a parliamentary debate on the mitochondrial donation technique has so far been scheduled, the Department of Health confirmed to The Independent it is likely to take place within the next few weeks and almost certainly ahead of the election in May – despite safety concerns.

Mitochondrial donation uses genetic material from the eggs of two women, combined with the sperm of a man, to produce IVF embryos that are free of serious mitochondrial diseases, which currently affect about one in every 6,500 children. Supporters argue it will help women carrying mutations in their mitochondria – the tiny “power packs” of the cells – from passing on the inherited conditions to their children, as the 37 genes of the mitochondria are inherited maternally. …

Opponents argue the technique is unsafe and could lead to a “slippery slope” of designer children.

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