Second House Republican comes out against Boehner for Speaker

Second House Republican comes out against Boehner for Speaker

A second House Republican announced Saturday that he plans to oppose House Speaker John Boehner for re-election next week.

Explaining his decision, Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., criticized House Republican leaders for not giving lawmakers ample time to read bills, and accused leadership of having undermined conservative members of the conference by removing them from committees or by bringing controversial bills to a vote without notice.

Massie also cited the recent spending deal reached by congressional lawmakers, the timing of which, Massie said, was scheduled “to get maximum leverage over rank and file members.”

“For years I watched Washington from afar and suspected that something was broken,” Massie said in a press release. “During my first two years as a congressman I discovered a significant source of the dysfunction. I watched the House leadership.”

Massie did not specify whom he will support instead of Boehner, but Massie said he “will vote for a new speaker who will consistently articulate a constitutional vision for America and facilitate an inclusive and orderly legislative process that allows Congress to truly reflect the will of the people.”

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