A New Year Biblical message for those deemed ‘least likely to succeed’

A New Year Biblical message for those deemed ‘least likely to succeed’

David and Goliath is the epic biblical tale in 1st Samuel 17 about a teen who had the moxie to take on a giant with rocks and a slingshot while all his bros stood by and shook like scared punks.

By the way, not only did David’s siblings dwell in immobilizing dread, but like most terror-addled slaves they also discouraged David from taking Goliath on. Don’t you just love advice from the unimaginative-risk-adverse-shriveled-testicle-cold-water-bucket-brigade? No? Me neither.

Yep, this well-known, scriptural narrative spotlights the fact that an ill-equipped person with ridiculous odds piled against him can achieve gigantic accomplishments if they dare to believe and act contrary to what the “experts” advise.

In this little screed I hope to help you defy the way you think about all the sucky stuff that keeps most people curled up in the fetal position wetting their big “Woe-Is-Me” diaper instead of cowboying up and playing the man.

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