Ghostbusters all-female, ‘scarier’ reboot clear evidence Hollywood out of ideas

Ghostbusters all-female, ‘scarier’ reboot clear evidence Hollywood out of ideas

One of the more unsettling news items to emerge from the Sony hack attack is director Paul Feig’s decision to go with an all-female cast for Ghostbusters 3. But before we begin, you’re invited to read my philosophy on sequels….

Of course, all never fail to greatly disappoint, as we’ve seen from the likes of the horrific Anchorman 2, Caddyshack 2 (nine years after the original, but we’ll let the decade-after-rule slide), Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and the impossibly-tedious Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. It’s as if everyone from Stone to Spielberg to Lucas all echoed Jay Gatsby‘s retort when told by Nick Carraway that he couldn’t repeat the past: “Can’t repeat the past?” Gatsby asked back to Nick incredulously, “Well of course you can.” We know all know how that eventually worked out for poor Jay…

So now it’s revealed that Ghostbusters 3 – now 26 years beyond the mediocre-at-best Ghostbusters 2 – will not feature the likes of Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd or Sigourney Weaver or Rick Moranis or 80s resident douchebag William Atherton (Walter Peck, who basically played the same character as an attention-loving reporter in the first two Die Hards). Instead, we’ll likely get–speaking of playing the same character over and over–the one-trick pony that is Melissa McCarthy, the ubiquitous Rebel Wilson(enough already, please), and Kristen Wiig, who is proving to be a one-hit wonder on the movie front (no notable work since 2011′s Bridesmaids). Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are also rumored to join the cast, but would be wise to keep their reputations intact and pass quickly on this one.

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