51 years after wreck, turn signal lever removed from man’s arm

51 years after wreck, turn signal lever removed from man’s arm

The same left arm was injured back in 1963…. Arthur, a real estate agent at the time, was on his way to show a house when he smashed a brand new Thunderbird head-on into a huge truck.

As the family story goes, the wreck was so serious that it was mistakenly reported over the air waves around East Peoria, Ill., as a fatality. The severity of a broken hip drew attention away from Arthur’s arm, which, on the surface, was cut and flecked with broken glass.

The arm healed. Arthur and Betty married in 1965. They raised four boys in Granite City. Arthur supported the family by doing appraisals, selling real estate and working odd jobs with his rugged hands.

Then, about 10 or 15 years ago, something odd happened during a visit to the courthouse in Jerseyville, Ill., for work. Arthur’s arm set off the metal detector. A doctor’s X-ray indicated that a slender object, about the size of a pencil, was stuck in his arm. But because it didn’t cause pain, and he had full use of his arm, Arthur was told to leave it be.


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