The 5 biggest political questions of 2015

The 5 biggest political questions of 2015

1. Can Obama regain his mojo?

The latest Gallup data show the president’s approval rating is now even with his disapproval rating, with both at 48 percent. That’s the first time Obama hasn’t been underwater in the polls since September 2013 — a span of 16 months.

And it’s not hard to see why. Economic news continues to get better, with third-quarter Gross Domestic Product growth revised to 5 percent and a steady stream of solid jobs reports, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the recession. The stock market recently cracked 18,000. Economic confidence is back above-water, according to Gallup. And perhaps most importantly, gas prices have dropped below $2 per gallon in some places….

2. Does anything get done?

BREAKING: Congress hasn’t gotten much done in recent years. And when it has gotten stuff done, it was generally because it faced a deadline and real consequences for not passing something.

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