EU’s new mission: The coffee-maker police

EU’s new mission: The coffee-maker police

New rules have come into force under the guise of preventing electricity waste which mean that filter coffee machines must switch themselves off after five minutes of percolating, theTelegraph reports.

As with a huge number of laws that flood out of the Commission’s Berlaymont building in the Belgian capital, this new directive is intended to help tackle climate change – even though the organisation itself has two Parliaments hundreds of miles apart, numerous courts, administration buildings and luxury offices for bureaucrats as well as a fleet of chauffeur driven cars to let tubby MEPs avoid having to walk anywhere themselves. The cost of travelling between the different buildings as well as maintaining the staff and offices run into billions of euros for the tax payer. …

The European Commission claims that the new rules won’t affect consumers as most filter machines have insulated jugs but for people who actually want a hot, rather than warm beverage it will mean the start of a lot of close watching as their morning wake up drink brews.

Espresso machines must now power down after 30 minutes and functions keeping cups warm will end after 60 minutes.

But officials claim that consumers will not even notice as ‘coffee in drip-filter mugs without an insulated jug is undrinkable after 40 minutes anyway.

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