New year, new laws, same absurdity

New year, new laws, same absurdity

Let’s start in the Cuomo fiefdom of New York.  It is now illegal to take a selfie with a tiger or a lion.

Seriously…Cuomo and his lackeys felt it necessary to put that little bit of micromanaging of a persons on the books?  I know this is the same state that passed the dishonestly named SAFE Act but come on.  Don’t get me wrong, taking a selfie with lions or tigers (or bears oh my!) is not a smart move but is the government going to step in and pass laws that make all dumb moves illegal?

The freedom to make dumb moves is a facet of liberty.  And how many tigers are strutting around the Empire State that the politicians felt this epidemic needed to be addressed.  I mean, Cuomo couldn’t be bothered to make a decision on fracking during the election but was more than able to sign a “Tiger selfie ban”?  Glad to see New York still runs with the same crooked efficiency as always.

In Seattle, it is now illegal to throw food in the garbage.  

I have to admit, when I first heard about this I initially thought they were going to fine people for throwing food in recycling bins or something along those lines.  But no, if you take food and throw it into the trash you will be fined.  Be it while out in the city or for you own home trash.  Initially the fine starts at $50 and will no doubt go up for those hardened repeat offenders.  The thought of garbage police rooting through your trash is laughable until you realize that Seattle is serious.  What are people supposed to do with excess food?

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