American fighter against ISIS reveals weird, wide-open world of volunteers

American fighter against ISIS reveals weird, wide-open world of volunteers

In a rare, exclusive interview with Fox News, a U.S. military veteran with multiple tours in Iraq detailed his journey to Syria to fight against ISIS, on the condition his identity was protected.

The veteran, who asked to be identified as “John,” described a surprisingly simple process that took him from America to the dangerous Syrian civil war – and not as part of the U.S. military.

“I just went online and bought a ticket. It was that easy. It was like booking a flight to Miami Beach,” said “John.”

Then he found a Kurdish group known as the YPG.

“There was a Facebook page for it — shot them a message, expressed my interest, they got back to me, told me to send them, essentially, a resume for their vetting purposes,” John explained. …

“What I believe is that they are European go-betweens, they are not in Kurdistan, they operate receiving information of interested Westerners, and then they either relay it or make a decision themselves of whether or not this person is suitable to work with the YPG,” he said. …

During a Dec. 18 State Department briefing, Fox asked whether it is against the law for Americans to fight with a foreign army.

“It’s certainly something we’ve spoken out against and are opposed to,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

While the Supreme Court found it’s not a crime for a U.S. citizen to go overseas and join a foreign army if the recruitment took place inside the country, it may be a violation.

Most of the relevant law is 200 years old and pre-dates social media, which is why John’s case is so murky.

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