2014 Man of the Year (Washington Free Beacon)

2014 Man of the Year (Washington Free Beacon)

Paul LePage is America’s governor.

He’s defied odds his whole life, escaping an abusive home at age 11, getting through college despite French being his first language, and sticking to his conservative beliefs once in politics. He defied them again this year by winning a second term as governor of Maine, the most purple of states.

In Washington, politicians constantly utter empty platitudes and falsely praise their opponents. LePage doesn’t engage in such blather in Maine. Indeed, he appears to have no filter whatsoever.

He accused one Democrat of being the first politician to “give it to the people without providing Vaseline,” hates newspapers and said he wanted to blow up one’s headquarters, and told the unemployed to “get off the couch” and get a job. …

Winners don’t shut up or back off their core principles out of fear of criticism. Paul LePage is still in office and a Free Beacon Man of the Year as a result.

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