Great news: Steve Scalise had long-term campaign connection with David Duke lieutenant

Great news: Steve Scalise had long-term campaign connection with David Duke lieutenant

[Ed. – Seems to be more than just the one appearance at an oddly-named organization’s event.  Memo to Boehner: tie this one off and amputate it, now.]

Aides to Boehner and McCarthy still haven’t answered specific questions about what their bosses knew and when they knew it, but perhaps even more troubling for them is that, as the two top House GOP officials rallied around Scalise, more damaging news emerged. It turns out that Scalise’s relationship with Duke’s top political hand, Kenneth Knight, was not just a flash in the pan at one specific event–it was a long-term relationship lasting several years, and involved the top aide to the former KKK head actually campaigning for Scalise on the ground in Louisiana to get him elected to the U.S. Congress. …

A top GOP aide with longtime ties to the Louisiana GOP delegation told Breitbart News that rumors about Scalise’s close relationship with Duke’s top aide have been circling the rumor mill at high levels in Louisiana for years. The scandal surrounding Scalise isn’t the one event he spoke at—it’s the fact that he associated for years with people like Knight and Duke, despite knowing their racist backgrounds, and that those people influenced his political thoughts. …

Knight, Duke’s top political hand, admitted during a Tuesday interview with the Washington Post to donating $1,000 to Scalise’s congressional campaign in 200, and working actively to get Scalise elected in his 2008 campaign. …

Duke himself, in a Monday evening interview with the Post, confirmed that his operation post-KKK had a close relationship with Scalise—and that Knight regularly briefed him on issues of importance to white supremacists.

“Scalise would communicate a lot with my campaign manager, Kenny Knight,” Duke said. “That is why he was invited and why he would come. Kenny knew Scalise, Scalise knew Kenny. They were friendly.”

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