Condescending (and cynical) Obama: Iran could be ‘successful regional power’

Condescending (and cynical) Obama: Iran could be ‘successful regional power’

[Ed. – Obama is just hard-wired to talk like an academic snark-mobile instead of a statesman.]

In an interview with National Public Radio published Monday, President Barack Obama offered Iran the prospect of becoming a “regional power” in exchange for a nuclear deal. If the Iranian regime seized the opportunity he was offering, Obama told NPR’s Steve Inskeep, “it would be a very successful regional power that was also abiding by international norms and international rules, and that would be good for everybody.” Obama said that would be good for the U.S., as well as for Iran and the region as a whole. …

At the beginning of the year, Obama gave an interview to David Remnick of the New Yorker in which he called for a “new equilibrium” in the Middle East–one that would prop up Iran against Israel and the Sunni Arab states. The resulting balance, in Obama’s view, would promote stability and reduce the need for American intervention. …

With his offer of “regional power,” however, Obama has decisively rejected “regime change” in Iran.

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