Obama down but don’t count him out yet

Obama down but don’t count him out yet

[W]hile it’s hard to argue that Obama has not had a difficult 12 months, the notion that this President is somehow done or a lame duck just doesn’t feel quite right. The fact is the office of the president is still the most dynamic change agent in our political system. And unlike Congress or the Supreme Court, which go in and out of session, the President is on 24/7, with significant power at his disposal, a point underscored by recent initiatives on immigration,climate change and Cuba.

“My presidency’s entering the fourth quarter,” Obama said in a press conference Friday. “Interesting stuff happens in the fourth quarter, and I’m looking forward to it.”

That’s particularly the case on foreign policy, where presidents usually go when they’re stymied at home. And while Obama is clearly not the transformative foreign policy hero his supporters hoped he would be, neither is he the appeaser in chief his detractors claim.

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