Inmate dies after hiding crack pipe in her vagina

Inmate dies after hiding crack pipe in her vagina

Officials say a 31-year-old woman died a week after she was taken to a hospital to have a crack pipe and another item removed from her private parts.

The Ledger of Lakeland reported April Rollison was arrested on drug charges Dec. 16. During a body scan at the Polk County Jail, deputies spotted two items inside her vagina.

They took her to the hospital. She asked the nurse to use the restroom. So the nurse left to get a bedpan and a deputy stepped behind a curtain.

“While the nurse was getting the bedpan…she was able to remove it from her personal area,” Polk County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Scott Wilder told the ledger.

The medical staff removed the crack pipe and a pill bottle from her vagina. She was taken back to jail, where she went into distress. She was taken back to the hospital where she died on Monday.

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