Will New York protesters’ defiance harm their cause?

Will New York protesters’ defiance harm their cause?

[Ed. – They have a cause?]

When several hundred protesters took to the streets in New York Tuesday night, marching up Fifth Avenue on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, ignoring Mayor Bill de Blasio‘s plea that protests pause until after the funerals for two slain police officers, they dismissed concerns that they could be hurting their own cause.

Amid a broad outpouring of grief for two New York police officers killed Saturday and beset by a small but vocal contingent of demonstrators making inflammatory anti-police statements, the protest movement runs the risk of appearing insensitive.

But such protests are always fraught with difficult decisions, experts say. On one hand, there is the danger that the protesters could risk losing the political backing necessary to any possibility of change. On the other, they need don’t want to lose hard-won momentum.

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