Bowdoin College to help pay for education of slain NYPD officer’s son

Bowdoin College to help pay for education of slain NYPD officer’s son

[Ed. – Spirit of Christmas shines through even the darkest tragedy]

The son of one of the slain New York City police officers has been given full financial aid to finish out his education at Bowdoin College.

Bowdoin announced on Monday that it will provide full financial aid to Justin Ramos, a sophomore, beginning in January, “or whenever he is ready to return,” the school said.

“We are eager to welcome Justin back to campus for the start of our second semester in January, or whenever he is ready to return, and we will do everything we can to support him through this period,” the Maine college said in a statement. “In the meantime, we will respect his privacy and that of his family as they deal with this terrible loss.”

In a campus-wide email on Sunday, Bowdoin President Barry Mills informed the college community that one of the police officers murdered in Brooklyn on Saturday was the father of a student.

(h/t College Insurrection)

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