Sharpton faces criticism after NYC officers’ deaths

Sharpton faces criticism after NYC officers’ deaths

[Ed. – Not like he doesn’t deserve it]

Veteran civil rights leader Al Sharpton, who has tried to play the statesman during heated protests over police shootings, now faces accusations of incitement after the killings last weekend of two officers in New York City.

The Rev. Sharpton has worked over the years to shed his reputation as a firebrand, and in recent months, he had provoked the ire of younger protesters who favor a more confrontational approach. Sharpton, for instance, angered some young activists by rebuffing them when they unexpectedly asked to speak at a march his nonprofit group organized in Washington.

But after the deaths of the two officers, momentum has shifted away from the protesters, at least temporarily, and now some of the most intense pressure is coming from those who say police have been unfairly vilified.

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