Top 10 feminist fiascoes of 2014

Top 10 feminist fiascoes of 2014

The “gang rape” hoax at UVA:  Rolling Stone’s 9,000-word feat of “investigative reporting” smelled worse than a bucketful of day-old chicken heads from the day it was published on Nov. 19. A three-hour serial sexual assault atop a pile of glass shards as a fraternity-initiation ritual? Really? Yet many feminist (but fortunately not all) in America bought into this over-the-top tale because … it’s a feminist axiom that no woman ever lies about rape. Over at #Istandwithjackie, they’re still standing with alleged victim Jackie even though her story has been chopped into glass-shard-size pieces by real reporters doing their jobs.

Wendy Davis: Who came up with the idea that because she looked so cute in those pink sneakers filibustering abortion restrictions in 2013, she’d make a winning candidate for governor of Texas in 2014? Just the fact that the abortion restrictions became law anyway should have provided a clue. Even though Davis’ bedazzled supporters threw almost $40 million at her feckless campaign, she still lost by 20 points to Texas Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott.

Rotherham: Now there was a real rape culture: nearly two decades of sexual assault, exploitation, and trafficking of teenage girls, mostly by British-Pakistani men, that had been covered up by British authorities for fear of stirring up anti-Islamic sentiment. The response of U.S. feminists was mostly crickets chirping. Why? Perhaps because the perpetrators weren’t the white middle-class men who are feminists’ preferred villains.

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