‘Professionalizing’ those who spy on federal workers to prevent leaks

‘Professionalizing’ those who spy on federal workers to prevent leaks

[Ed. – This is a really, really bad thing to get started.  A complete zero-out and reset of the Republic would be preferable.  This can only turn into Stalinism down the road — and not very far down the road, at that.]

It is a delicate task to simultaneously guard hard-working federal personnel and expose the bad apples. And it takes different talents than those one would find in a counterintelligence analyst, human resources professional or information security professional. The insider threat discipline melds all those disciplines.

“It’s a privilege to work in that program. And the only reason that you are there is to help protect your colleagues, not to out them. So, we’ve got to professionalize that workforce of people who do this for a living,” said Patricia Larsen, co-director of the National Insider Threat Task Force. …

The Obama administration created Larsen’s office after former soldier Chelsea Manning spilled U.S. secrets to Wikileaks. The more recent actions by ex-contractor Edward Snowden that revealed National Security Agency intelligence indicate the task force needs to pick up the pace, she said.

But there is no occupational series and pay scale for the insider threat profession. The task force is exploring whether a new occupational code might be warranted, Larsen told Nextgov.

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