Gov’t seeks China’s help to curb North Korea cyberattack

Gov’t seeks China’s help to curb North Korea cyberattack

The US has asked China to curb North Korea’s cyber-attacks after the hacking of Sony Pictures, officials say.

There is no response from Beijing – North Korea’s main ally. North Korea’s communications run through China. Pyongyang denies the attack on Sony.

President Barack Obama has called it an act of cyber-vandalism and says the US is considering returning North Korea to its list of terrorism sponsors.

The movie, The Interview, includes plans to kill a fictional Kim Jong-Un.

After the attack and threats, Sony cancelled the Christmas Day release of the film.

Responding to anonymous threats against cinemas, Sony said it was considering releasing it “on a different platform”.

It is not clear what China’s response to the US approach will be, correspondents say. China has previously denied US accusations that it engages in hacking into US companies. Beijing insists it is a victim of hacking, not a perpetrator.

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