Sudden Cuba tourism angle: See it now before the Yanks ruin everything

Sudden Cuba tourism angle: See it now before the Yanks ruin everything

[Ed. – ‘Twas ever thus.  There were people who lamented the transformation of post-communist Eastern Europe 20 years ago, too.  All that charm and intrigue of dour communist scarcity and crumbling socialist-style buildings, you know.]

Online searches for trips to Cuba are up a staggering 95 per cent following US President Barack Obama’s plans to re-develop relations between the two countries.

Tourists are being warned that if they want to see ‘the real Cuba’ they should book their trips now, before the Caribbean country becomes ‘Americanised.’ …

Tourist travel remains banned for Americans, although the relaxing of regulations have led many to believe that this could well be the next issue to be reviewed.

TravelSupermarket travel expert Bob Atkinson is urging anyone who is thinking of visiting Cuba to book sooner rather than later.

Speaking to MailOnline Travel, Mr Atkinson said: ‘It really is a unique place to visit, and once it becomes fully open to the Americans, they will without doubt pile in. …

‘However you look at it, opening up to the Americans will change the way it feels and I think this will be to the detriment to the culture and heritage of the place. …

Ashley Toft, managing director of Explore has travelled to Cuba on a number of occasions and has mixed emotions about the news. …

‘[P]art of the charm and intrigue of Cuba as a travel destination is that it is ‘stuck in time’, with few shops, no global brands and of course a huge number of old gas guzzling 50’s American cars on the roads.

‘I have no doubt that change will happen quickly once diplomatic relations start to build, and especially if congress agree to start lifting sanctions, which looks likely to happen now,’ he added

‘All these things will take some time, but if you want to see Castro’s Cuba before change starts to happen and I would really recommend travelling soon.’

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