Left ecstatic: Obama NLRB attacks McDonald’s

Left ecstatic: Obama NLRB attacks McDonald’s

[Ed. – Thus making human workers substantially less attractive to all fast-food restaurant chains.  Hey, if you like your fast-food job, you can keep your fast-food job.  Right?]

NLRB general counsel Richard Griffin, who acts as a sort of prosecutor, may issue legal complaints against any business, including a franchisee. In July Griffin drew considerable consternation from McDonald’s and other franchisors when he determined that the McDonald’s corporation could be named a “joint employer” in such complaints.

Griffin did just that on Friday, alleging in 13 complaints against franchisees around the country that McDonald’s jointly employed workers against whom franchisees unlawfully retaliated for protesting working conditions — chiefly low wages. That’s a first for the NLRB and makes McDonald’s potentially liable, financially, for any back pay that an administrative judge or the NLRB may order, and potentially responsible, legally, for any failure to carry out an order to reinstate an employee. …

McDonald’s and other large franchisors contend that Griffin’s actions threaten a franchising industry that employs 8.5 million workers in a fast-growing sector of the slowly-recovering U.S. economy. …

The Fight for 15 movement, a multimillion dollar campaign funded by the Service Employees International Union, launched the first fast food strikes in 2012, calling on McDonald’s to increase worker pay to $15 per hour and drawing national attention from a public newly concerned about growing income inequality.

Friday’s complaints were greeted by the organizers as vindication for their vigorous effort to bring McDonald’s into the national spotlight.

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