Well, it works for flies and worms: Ibuprofen a significant ‘life extender’?

Well, it works for flies and worms: Ibuprofen a significant ‘life extender’?

[Ed. – Apparently, some of us have been extending our lives for years now.]

Ibuprofen, which is used every day at home by people to treat inflammation, pain and fever, may be the key to developing a long sought after anti-ageing drug.

Dr Brian Kennedy, president and chief executive of the Buck Institute for Research on Ageing in California, said: “There is a lot to be excited about.

“The research shows that ibuprofen impacts a process not yet implicated in ageing, giving us a new way to study and understand the ageing process. …

In laboratory tests, ibuprofen was found to extend the lives of worms and flies by the equivalent of about 12 years in human terms.

The creatures not only lived longer, they appeared to maintain their fitness and health as they got older.

Despite the huge evolutionary gap between worms and people, the researchers believe they have found a new aspect to ageing that could have major implications for humans. …

Both the treated flies and worms appeared healthier in old age than those left untreated, the scientists reported in the online journal Public Library of Science Genetics.

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