Students campaign for moose mascot over ‘anti-Native’ Lord Jeffs

Students campaign for moose mascot over ‘anti-Native’ Lord Jeffs

“We didn’t choose the moose, the moose chose us,” say students at a top liberal arts school in Massachusetts.

Amherst College students have rehashed a movement to change the college’s official mascot to the Moose in order to honor the time the animal wandered onto campus last spring.

“Changing the mascot loses this connection. They were Lord Jeffs. We are Lord Jeffs.”    Tweet This

Students at Amherst have been anxious to change the name of the current mascot—the Lord Jeffs, named for founder of Amherst, Mass., Lord Jeffrey Amherst—for several years. Amherst was a prominent general during Pontiac’s Rebellion, and students say he is guilty of genocide for allegedly ordering a subordinate to practice biological warfare with smallpox-infested blankets. Students also point out that he had nothing to do with the school’s actual founding.

But since the animal wandered onto campus, moose mania has ensued. From moose t-shirts to moose tracks ice cream at commencement, students, faculty and the administration are pushing for the change.

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