Holder uses memo to make cross-dressing a federally protected ‘civil right’

Holder uses memo to make cross-dressing a federally protected ‘civil right’

[Ed. – And no, this doesn’t mean cross-dressing in your own home or chosen venue for socialization.  It means, among other things, that employers can’t discriminate against you for any purpose, even if your intention is to show up for work in drag.  Forget churches:  think about elementary schools and day-care centers.  As Adams points out, the main effect will be that DOJ can now intimidate employers with “mediation” backed by the threat of equal-opportunity lawsuits.]

Attorney General Eric Holder has issued an edict, through a memorandum, that cross dressing and transsexualism is now protected under federal civil rights laws which were designed to protect women from sex discrimination. Existing federal law provides no statutory support for treating cross-dressers and transsexuals as the law treats female victims of discrimination.

This means that the Justice Department could now, for example, consider the decision by a school or church to not hire a transvestite as a violation of federal law.

Holder ordered that the Department of Justice will stop making arguments in litigation suggesting that transgender people are not covered by Title VII, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in employment. …

The Holder Justice Department has bullied school districts who prohibited boys in high school from dressing in drag as part of a school dress code. In New York, one male student came to school dressed in a mini skirt, stilettos and a pink wig. As I described in Injustice, Holder’s DOJ took action:

The school district was forced to pay the transvestite-child $50,000, pay for counseling services with a psychiatrist specializing in “gay, bisexual and transgender youth issues,” hire an expert to review the school’s “gender expression” programs, and hire a second expert to conduct annual training on “gender identity and gender expression” discrimination. In short, the DOJ rolled the school district. …

Over 200 Democrat legislators think it requires an act of Congress to change discrimination law so radically, and they are right.

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