Army chaplain punished for discussing his personal faith

Army chaplain punished for discussing his personal faith

It’s hard to believe what is happening to our military. Don’t ask don’t tell was rescinded, long-time DoD high-ranking officers were fired in 2013, and Obama’s drawdown has been broad and dangerous.

In the words of one military wife:

On some level I understood a drawdown was inevitable, but I guess I never expected to be simultaneously worried about a deployment to Afghanistan and a pink slip because my husband’s service is no longer needed.

Last year I wrote “Military Religious Freedom Foundation Wants Air Force Chaplain Gagged,” and received hundreds of comments and emails from Americans who were appalled at the proposed censure of military chaplains.

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Our armed forces do dangerous jobs daily which put them in life and death situations. Those down range never know if the last Skype conversation with a wife, son or daughter might be their last. And the DoD wold consider hamstringing the person who can help give spiritual strength and solace?

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