6-year inquiry into British troops’ ‘war crimes’ based entirely on lies

6-year inquiry into British troops’ ‘war crimes’ based entirely on lies

Following a six year, £31 million investigation, the Al Sweady Inquiry found that accusations of war crimes made in 2008 were “entirely the product of deliberate lies, reckless speculation and ingrained hostility”.
The foundation of the claim against soldiers was that 20 or more Iraqis were unlawfully killed and mutilated after the Battle of Danny Boy in May 2004. …

After the men were cleared, the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon called on the lawyers to apologise.  “The inquiry has utterly rejected all claims of murder and torture as deliberate and calculated lies” he said. …

In an interview with Sky News, John Dickinson of Public Interest Lawyers [PIL] tried to pass the blame on to the inquiry process instead of apologising for the six years of unnecessary trauma and emotional turmoil he and his clients  had put the accused soldiers through.

“Had this inquiry been conducted quicker and more effectively, as it should have been, a huge amount of time and public money could have been saved,” he said. …

PIL made £900,000 in legal aid from representing the Iraqis who have been found to have systematically lied and colluded with each other.

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