Obama says he’s a victim of racism and often treated like ‘the help’

Obama says he’s a victim of racism and often treated like ‘the help’

Since accepting the position of President of the United States, Barack Obama has been targeted by many political groups and activists for reasons such as failed promises, fluffing reports, threats against him and his family, and other issues that seem to taunt nearly all sitting presidents. However, during a recent interview with People Magazine, President Obama revealed that he and his family have also been victims of racism and forced stereotypes, an issue that he feels needs resolution within the United States.

In the recent Sony Hack scandal, two top producers were found to have exchanged emails that belittled many high profile individuals, including President Obama. In one instance, Amy Pascal, an Obama supporter, and movie producer Scott Rudin, made jokes at the president’s expense when conversing about what questions Pascal should ask during a fundraising breakfast. They joked about asking President Obama if he would like to finance some movies, but the jokes quickly became suspect when Pascal asked if President Obama liked a couple racially motivated movies, according to Fox News.

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